For Physicians Interested in Joining SIPA

SIPA was formed in 1994 by a number of well-established, community-based physicians to provide contractual strength when working with insurance companies. By acting together as a group, SIPA members work more effectively with insurance providers, resulting in benefit to your practice and your patients.

Our group has grown and expanded to now include 140 physician practices, including over 100 primary care physicians, 280 specialists.

Members of SIPA have distinct advantages that include group contracting abilities and contractual management services, which ensure that terms and conditions of contracts are met and followed through. Additionally, SIPA members receive credentialing services, saving your office the extra workload of handling the credential process with individual insurance companies.

Consider joining your colleagues who are already enjoying the benefits of SIPA membership. For additional information, please contact
V. Allen Santos, Executive Director for SIPA, at (540) 722-1111 or

We look forward to hearing from you!

Membership Criteria

Shenandoah Independent Practice Association (SIPA) maintains a high level of standards for membership.

SIPA members must be graduates of an accredited school of medicine, osteopathy, podiatry, or nurse practitioners, hold a valid, current license to practice in the Commonwealth of Virginia or State of West Virginia, and adhere to high ethical standards.

Physicians should not have been excluded from Medicare or Medicaid program within the last two years, and have no current restrictions on his/her DEA certification.

SIPA members should be board certified at the time of application, with the following exceptions:

SIPA members must maintain board-certification status and obtain re-certification in accordance with applicable board guidelines. To be eligible for membership, physicians must have an acceptable malpractice performance, and maintain professional liability insurance.

Membership also requires that physicians:

—  Maintain high ethical standards
—  Be in good professional standing with the community.
—  Be willing to accept new patients referred by the IPA
—  Be willing to provide (or arrange for) 24-hour-a-day coverage for IPA patients with another IPA participating physician.

Please contact Vladimir Santos, SIPA executive director, at (540) 722-1111,or for additional information.