About Us

Shenandoah Independent Practice Association (SIPA) was formed in 1994 by a group of community-based physicians to offer an expanded level of benefits for their patients.

By acting together as a group, SIPA members work more effectively with insurance companies, resulting in a more comprehensive level of care for the patient. SIPA serves Northern Virginia and nearby West Virginia.

About Our Physicians
Primary care physicians (PCP) are usually the first medical provider seen by patients and the point of entry into the health care system. The primary care physician acts on behalf of the patient to collaborate with referral specialists, and ensure continuity of care through a variety of other providers. Continuous care is essential for patients with medical conditions that span multiple issues and require prolonged treatment and monitoring. Primary care providers oversee preventative health care, including vaccinations, health promotion counseling, and health screenings.

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SIPA medical specialists offer their patients a broad range of clinical experience and medical expertise encompassing numerous health issues from allergies to vascular disease. These physicians have received additional education, conducted further training, and received medical board certifications in their areas of expertise.

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Scheduling Appointments
SIPA suggests that patients contact the physician's office directly for additional information and to schedule appointments. Some offices provide same day appointments for existing patients.

Physicians Joining SIPA
Health care providers requesting additional information on joining our network of medical providers should contact SIPA's business office at (540) 722-1111, or email V. Allen Santos, Executive Director, at vasantos@shenandoahipa.com.

Shenandoah IPA
2021 Board of Directors

Fred Kozlowski MD

President/Medical Director

Internal Medicine
Winchester Internal Medicine

Paige Patterson MD

Vice President

Family Practice
Selma Medical Associates

Jessica Byrd MD

Family Practice
Apple Blossom Family Practice

David Snow MD

Winchester Radiologists


Babak Barmar MD
Kidney Specialists, PLLC

Michon Bechamps MD
Internal Medicine
Selma Medical Associates

T.K. Bowers

General Surgery

Blue Ridge Surgical Clinic

James Dodd DPM
Winchester Foot & Ankle Associate

T. Avery Gibbs MD

Hospital Liaison
Internal Medicine
Selma Medical Associates




Archibald Houser MD

Internal Medicine
IPS of Winchester

Yevgeny Kats DPM


Bryan Kornreich MD

Pediatric Associates of Winchester

Richard Patterson MD
Orthopaedic Surgery

Bone & Joint Specialists of Winchester PC

Jason Ruggiero MD

Retina Associates PC

Andrew Schwentker MD

Internal Medicine
Winchester Internal Medicine

Jordan Tran MD

Family Practice

Boden Health System LLC